My Favorite WV Eats Part 1

I like food, I like it a lot.  I guarantee there will be many food related articles to follow.  For the sake of this being my first food write up I decided to keep the subject simple. My 10 favorite places to eat in West Virginia. The way of judging these 10 restaurants is very simple, I enjoy something about them more than the average place. This will be an eclectic list from elegant dining to pizza shops. The order of the list is random, I am just numbering them so I can keep track.

Tudor’s Biscuit World will start off this list at the 10 spot. I do not know exactly how many locations they have, but it seams like everywhere I visit has a Tudor’s nearby. Tudor’s is more of a guilty pleasure stop. I know when I am stopping at a Tudor’s weather in Charleston, Fayetteville, Grantsville, or anywhere else my travels take me, I will be eating a delicious biscuit(Usually a Ron Combo) with a hashbrown that is nothing short of perfection. Tudor’s is definitely a constant for a breakfast choice on the road.

Number 9 on my chart will be The Elk River Inn and Restaurant in Pocahontas County. I would define the Elk River Inn as casual elegance. Most of the menu was locally sourced and everything I have tried there has always been amazing. The restaurant is very cozy with a fireplace and a small bar. The menu changes seasonally so there is always a reason to come back. Check them out at

Lewisburg has many fantastic places to talk about, but for my number 8 I am talking the Livery Tavern. The Livery is big on farm to table, nearly all the proteins served are sourced locally. Their menu is quite elegant and offer a nice variety of craft cocktails as well. You can get more info at

Pies and pints makes my list at number 6. They offer a nice selection of craft beer and craft pizza. The pulled pork nachos is always the stable appetizer to get the meal started. With locations in Fayetteville, Charleston, and Morgantown I can find a reason to stop in fairly regularly. Pies and pints has branched out to Kentucky, Ohio, and Alabama as well. I am glad to see the success they must be enjoying.

For number 6 I am heading to Riply for a little place called Crabby Patti’s. Crabby Patti’s is located just accross from the Jackson county courthouse and they have some of the best seafood WV has to offer. Maryland jumbo lump crab cakes are one of their specialties and I absolutely love their seafood bisque. If you ever find yourself passing through Ripley I would definitely recommend giving Crabby Patti’s a try.

Writing about my favorite restaurants may be more challenging than I considered. I could probably sit down and write about 101 of them, but GoToWV already did and you can get that list at

Stay tuned because I have 5 more to list, and that list has some pretty amazing places left to talk about.

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  1. Keep the restaurant recommendations coming! Tudors, Crabby Patti’s, Pies & Pints and the Livery Tavern are all delish! I haven’t tried the Elk River Inn yet,but now have it on my “to eat” list.

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