Former West Virginia State Pen Dungeon Of Horrors

Last night I kept a promise and brought my oldest nephew to the West Virginia Penitentiary for their haunted house. We both loved it. It was an hour long full of awesomeness! They play on your 5 senses sight sound touch smell and taste. How did they do they do this you ask? Well that’s for you to find out. I won’t give it all away.

This was a very different experience than most haunted houses I’ve been to. There wasn’t many actors it was all about experiencing the vibe. We were locked in cells. Shut into caskets. Electrocuted. Sent down a slide and even road a boat to hell.

Overall it was a great experience and tons of fun. This is not for the faint of heart nor for those that are claustrophobic. To be honest it’s also not recommended if you have a weak stomach either. With that being said Cody and I loved it and will be back. What a Great start to our Halloween season 🎃

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