Kanawha Falls Festival

On Thursday Sept 14  ACE Adventures hosted the inaugural Kanawha falls festival.  The weather was not ideal with a constant drizzle of rain coming down.  In it’s first year the festival may have been better, but I am loving the idea.  The festival was more of an event for participants then for spectators.  The action stayed somewhat slow watching kayaks and rafts come down the falls with big time gaps between action.  The beaches around the falls gave limited viewing access.  

I still enjoyed the show, but I have some suggestions going forward.  It appears the party was on a rock in the middle of the falls, without a boat there was no way there.  Offer rides to the spectators over to the action.  I saw no vendors of any sort.  Get some food trucks and such in there and maybe a few porta johns.  I feel like this event can be a new annual must attend, but to get to that point there needs to be more for the spectators.  Use this as an event to draw local traffic to the rafting companies.  

I cant wait to see how this event grows, because I think in the future it can be a great one, Just work some kinks out and cator a little to the folks watching from the shore.


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